Born in Arkansas, Ben Dickey is a singer, songwriter, musician, and songwriter. He is best known for his role in Blaze, the 2018 film where he played the role of Blaze Foley, a musician from Arkansas. Ben Dickey is also a guitarist and has a voice that reminds you of Bob Dylan. As a singer, he has released 2 solo studio albums. Ben Dickey has also partnered with director/actor Ethan Hawke on a number of film projects.

Ben Dickey is the youngest of Robyn and David Dickey’s three children. He was born in Little Rock on 24th June 1977. When Ben Dickey was 5 years, Robyn and David Dicken separated, and later had a divorce. In the late 1960s, David Dickey was a star at Razor’s football team where he was a running back. He later worked in real estate and finance before relocating to Atlanta, Georgia. Robyn Dickey’s family had ties with the Clinton family, which saw her work in the White House in the 1990s during Bill Clinton’s tenure.

As he grew up, Ben Dickey had a lot of music influences surrounding him, due to the significant record collection that Robyn and David Dickey had. Robert Gannaway, Ben Dickey’s grandfather, was a guitarist, and also sang in the opera. His grandfather’s music background would later influence the young Ben Dickey during his early years. Robert Gannaway gifted 10-year-old Ben Dickey with a 1930s Gibson guitar and this significantly helped Gibson develop his guitar skills. As a guitarist, Ben Dickey is mostly self-taught. During his youth, Ben Dickey admired the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Delta Blues, the Kinks, Chuck Berry, and alternative bands like Fugazi and the Cure. It was during a Fugazi event in Mississippi that Ben Dickey found his inspiration to venture into a music career. During his teenage years, Ben Dickey recorded songs with the Shake Ray Tribune, a math rock group. Following his success in the music scene in Little Rock, Ben Dickey was inspired to do a tour of the United States playing gigs.